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All the chess sets shown as 'in stock' on our site are available here in the UK for immediate shipment. The smaller set are usually sent by 'signed for' First Class post and the heaveier ones by courier. If you require a quicker delivery then please notify us when you order so we can advise of the options available. e.g. Next Day Special Delivery by Royal mail will attract a small surcharge.

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Most wooden chess sets have chess pieces which are hand crafted with similar attractive hand-made additional wood work details. In our range of wooden chess sets you will find chess boards made from different woods. These bring a great touch of elegance and individuality to the design of each of our wooden chess sets. Additionally the pieces are variously enhanced by additional carvings, and occasionally with the wooden chess sets inclusion of brass inserts.
Clicking on the link on each of the wooden chess sets shown on the main page will take you to a separate product information page. This will give you additional details regarding the woods use, the size and weight of the chess sets and any special characteristics of the set. Our wooden decorative chess sets have hinges in the middle. Hence, this allows the two halves of the board to fold like a box and keep the chess pieces securely inside. Depending on the design, the inner area is either covered with a felt lining. or has a moulded insert which helps to hold the pieces and limits movement in transit. The wooden chess sets have beautiful dark and light squares (for instance black and white, brown and cream and occasionally green, burgundy or blue and cream). In addition, the border area around the edge of the board is enhanced on several of the sets with additional carving or pyrography. This makes the wooden chess sets an attractive piece of handicraft as well as a game board.