Candles create a magically mood effect when the lights are dimmed or turned out.

A fantastically different effect can be created by floating candles. It is becoming increasingly popular to buy the smaller squat candles which look terrific when there are a few of the them floating in a bowl.  The effect off the flickering light and the reflections from the water create a magical atmosphere.

Floating candles really bring that different twist in how you view or what believed about candles. They personify elegance, romance and creativity. There is nothing more romantic than floating candles freely moving on water. You really need to see for yourself  how wonderful the effects are.

When you want to create a very romantic mood in a room, then candles should be your number one choice.. For more dramatic effect, the use of floating candles would be a very wonderful idea. All you need is a nice decorative bowl, probably glass, a few candles and some water.

Floating with beauty and style